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MOMS, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt, non-profit corporation established in Florence, Alabama in the year 2000. Our mission is to help people who suffer from the effects of substance abuse and addiction. We provide a quality residential rehabilitation program, certified by the State of Alabama Department of Mental Health Substance Abuse Division. The program is Faith-based and utilizes the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our homes are structured by spiritual principles. We strive to network services that will help the families of these men and women as well. MOMS, Inc. is all-inclusive and does not base membership on religious affiliation, race, or gender.


Program Overview


Total Drug and Alcohol Abstinence
Accountability / Compliance
Respect / Responsibility
Honesty / Willingness
12-Step Interface / Understanding

Group Meetings
12-Step Development - Daily, 12-step meetings (AA/NA) are mandatory for the first ninety days, and then five times per week minimum attendance thereafter. This is monitored for compliance and resident responsibility. The 12-step program will build skills needed for:


Chemical Dependency Education
Addiction and Recovery

Relapse Prevention
Basic relapse prevention planning, as well as Relapse Warning Identification

Anger Management
Appropriate outlets and behaviors for anger processing

Productive, law-abiding Citizenship

"We Offer A Hand Up"

MOMS, Inc. is always striving to raise the bar of progress at our homes. People coming out of treatment facilities or jails often have no place to go but back into the same dysfunctional or drug-infested environment that they came from. MOMS, Inc. provides a safe, alcohol and drug-free community of people who desire recovery. People are ten times more likely to sustain long term recovery when, along with working an active 12-step program of recovery, are willing to live in healthy recovery communities where they are provided with the support and the tools needed to build a foundation for long term sobriety.

MOMS Inc. Real Life-Recovery for men has a structured approach to recovery, true random drug screens, Drug Court/Probation compliance and accountability components, mandatory resident responsibility, and participation. Monthly progress reports provided to CRO/Probation officers etc., upon request. Proper authorities are notified immediately if a resident violates orders, is to be terminated or leaves the facility without authorization.

Our homes are structured by spiritual principles and are family-oriented. We do not house people for profit or to simply keep them out of jail. But we stop the revolving doors of jails and prison by helping people who are “willing to go to any length” and take certain steps to get clean and sober. The majority of all crimes are drug-related, so when people learn how to live comfortably without drugs—the criminal activity will stop also. Mothers get their sons back, wives get their husbands, and children get their dads back—healthy and drug-free. They become productive, law-abiding citizens.

MOMS, Inc would like to thank everyone who donates time, money and prayers in order to help us help others.

We offer a “hand up” because we believe that it is simply “the next right thing to do”

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To make a payment for services, rental payment, or to donate to MOMS, Inc. 501 (c) (3), click on the donate button. This will direct you to our Pay Pal site. If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact the staff at 256-712-2020.

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